Call for papers on Feminist Approaches to Assisted Human Reproduction

Monday, April 23, 2012

Following Centre for Human Rights Research successful workshop on Assisted Human Reproduction  in February which was generously supported by the Canadian Journal of Women and the Law/ Revue Femmes et Droit, the CJWL/RFD has issued a call for papers on the topic of “Feminist Approaches to Assisted Human Reproduction in Canada after the Supreme Court of Canada Reference”. The call is attached; note that papers are due by September 1, 2012.  Proposed themes for the issue include the following:

1. Prohibition or Regulation? What are the justifications for retaining criminal prohibitions against payments for surrogacy, egg and sperm donations and embryo transfers? What are the regulatory alternatives and under what circumstances, if any, are these models acceptable?

2.  AHR Governance.  What is and what should the AHR Board and the Agency be doing? What resources is it consuming? What is its mandate after the AHRA Reference?

3. International Implications. What do we know about "reproductive tourism"? What are the possible types of regulation for international surrogacy arrangements and other AHRTs?

4. Who is a parent? What are the family law implications of AHR? Do the kin relationships arising from AR compel us to rethink the construal of kin in contemporary family law, or can these new families be accommodated within the current framework or as exceptions to it?

Guest editors for this special issue are Karen Busby and Susan Drummond—please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  Please pass this note onto anyone who might be interested in contributing. For more information about the journal’s submission policy, please check out: 
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