Women weigh in on the Douglas judicial inquiry

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Below you will find two very different accounts of the on-going hearings investigating Manitoba Judge Lori Douglas.

The Toronto Star has been offering a series of commentaries by Heather Mallick. Malick's skepticism that Judge Douglas can ethically continue in her position is shared by Professor Annalise Acorn, of the University of Alberta Faculty of Law.

On the other hand commentary by Christie Blatchford in the Edmonton Journal and the National Post, and in the Globe and Mail Professor Karen Busby of the University of Manitoba Faculty of Law reflects the opposite position. Busby argues:

"If S&M expressions are mainstream and ubiquitous, how can it be concluded that the integrity of the judiciary is undermined just because a judge, prior to appointment, permitted her spouse to take photos of her wearing bondage gear? Moreover, when someone maliciously publishes photos for which there was a reasonable expectation of privacy, surely it is that person, and not the subject of the photo, who deserves public humiliation."
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