Protest details: against Trinity Western's proposed law school accreditation

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

October 16, 2013                                                                                              For immediate release

Protest the accreditation of Trinity Western University's law school
Thursday October 17th at noon
Osgoode Hall, 130 Queen Street West

(Toronto)   The Federation of Law Societies is on the verge of approving a law school that bans gay students -- unless we stop them!

Trinity Western University won’t accept gay and lesbian students. It threatens to expel students caught in "same-sex intimacy", even if they are married to each other, because this offends its interpretation of the Bible. But it can't succeed with its anti-gay law school if the Federation of Law Societies doesn't give approval.

LGBTQ lawyers, law students and allies will meet on the lawn of Osgoode Hall (130 Queen St West) at noon on October 17 to express our opposition to accreditation. We ask everyone — especially those involved in the legal profession — to come out, regardless of their sexuality.

Make no mistake about it; TWU’s proposed law school will discriminate against queer persons by imposing a queer quota. There are already not enough law school places for the students who want to become lawyers. And by letting Trinity Western create a school that bars gay students from attending, the Federation of Law Societies would create a quota system: fewer law school places would be available to LGBTQ students than to straight students. The quota system was wrong when it applied to Jews and to blacks and it has no place in Canadian society today.  This is a backwards; a step in the wrong direction.

Stand up and stand against a queer quota.

Media contact:
Angela Chaisson
Ruby Shiller Chan Hasan
11 Prince Arthur Avenue
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