PhD fellowship in gender equality at Carleton University

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Via FemProf listserv:

PhD Fellowship in Gender Equality Measurement
 Carleton University – commencing 2014
Call for Applications 

We welcome applications from prospective PhD candidates interested in researching gender equality, measurement, and feminist theory. The Fellowship is not tied to a specific program at Carleton University, but interested applicants should have a background and proven research interest in gender equality. The Fellow will participate in, and act as a Research Assistant for, the Gender Equality Measurement (GEM) group, a multi-disciplinary cluster at Carleton University, comprised of faculty members from Canadian Studies, Law and Legal Studies, Political Science, and Public Policy and Administration, who explore the epistemological, governance, and political effects of the ‘measurement turn’ in policy, activism, and feminist thought. This one-year, funded fellowship may be renewed for a second year, financing permitting.  

We welcome applications from candidates from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. To apply for the fellowship, please send a copy of your c.v., transcripts, a one-page statement about your research background and interests in gender equality, and indicating the PhD program at Carleton to which you are applying, by January 15, 2014 to:

            Lisa Mills
            Associate Professor and Graduate Supervisor,
            School of Public Policy and Administration
            Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada
            K1S 5B6
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