Federation Approves Proposed TWU Law School

Monday, December 16, 2013

It's a sad day for equality in Canada, with the Federation of Law Societies issuing its formal approval of the proposed Christian law school at Trinity Western University, where students must sign a 'community covenant' that includes a provision against engaging in same-sex sexual intimacy.

So many members of the Canadian legal community have spoken out against the creation of a law school that formally discriminates against GLBTTQ and two-spirited law students: Canadian Law Deans, academics, law students and prominent members of the profession all publicly voiced significant concerns about the discriminatory impact of approving the TWU proposal on would-be law students who are GLBTTQ and two-spirited.

Some of us from B4E contributed to this op-ed opposing the accreditation of TWU, published in the National Post last January.   

Here's the final report of the Special Advisory Committee established by the Federation with a mandate to address "additional considerations" that the Federation should take into account in determining whether graduates of TWU should be eligible for membership in provincial law societies in light of the 'community covenant'.  The Federation sought an opinion from Torys lawyer John B. Laskin, who concluded that the Supreme Court of Canada's 2001 decision in BC Colleges of Teachers v TWU, 2001 SCC 31 is dispositive of any constitutional challenge to the creation of the law school, and in doing so takes up Professor Elaine Craig's compelling arguments to the contrary, here.

The lengthy final report of the Federation is here.
Toronto lawyer Clayton Ruby has pledged to oppose the accreditation of TWU , and fundraising efforts are already underway to support the legal challenge: http://www.gofundme.com/TWULegalChallenge.
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