University of Ottawa Task Force on Respect and Equality

Friday, January 30, 2015

Yesterday a task force of experts released their report on ending sexual violence at the University of Ottawa. Here are their recommendations:

Create an action team responsible for implementing the Task Force recommendations.

Demonstrate the university leadership’s commitment to preventing sexual violence by having all members of the senior administration participate in awareness training by fall 2015.

Adopt an explicit statement of values to clearly articulate and transmit the University’s position regarding respect and equality and integrate this statement of values into Destination 2020.

 Adopt a new sexual violence policy and protocol that addresses the identified shortcomings of policies 67 and 67a.

Arrange for the delivery of harassment and sexual violence training to a variety of specified groups.

Deliver a campus-wide bystander education program in French and English led jointly by students, staff and faculty based on the research-supported Bringing in the Bystander initiative.

Collaborate with community-based organizations and experts regarding the delivery of support services to survivors of sexual violence and education for the University of Ottawa community.

Clarify and publicize the mandate and role of the Human Rights Office.

Collect and make public data on the number of harassment, sexual violence and discrimination complaints received by the University annually.

Mandate a gender audit of Sports Services and sexual violence training for student athletes and full-time coaching staff.

Fund the development of new undergraduate courses that address sexual violence from an interdisciplinary perspective
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