Cross-Post: Prof. Suzanne Bouclin Receives Early Researcher Award for Access to Justice Project

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

From the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law website:

Professor Suzanne Bouclin has received an Early Researcher Award (ERA) from the Ministry of Research and Innovation for a five-year project entitled “Addressing the Access to Justice Crisis for Homeless People:  The Potential for New Communications Technologies.”

Prof. Bouclin’s research aims to provide direct social and legal benefits to homeless people facing obstacles in securing access to justice in Ontario.  Using new media and communications technologies, the project aims to enhance homeless people’s digital literacy and increase their access to necessary legal information.  The project will ask how Social Networking Sites (SNSs) can be used to provide vital and timely legal information to the homeless; and whether SNSs can increase homeless people's engagement with law as active agents exercising their rights, rather than simply as passive people who experience legal regulation on a daily basis.

The Early Researcher Award program helps promising, recently-appointed Ontario researchers build their research teams of undergraduates, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, research assistants, associates, and technicians. The goal of the program is to improve Ontario’s ability to attract and retain the best and brightest research talent.

Prof. Bouclin will receive $140,000 from the Ministry, with an additional $50,000 from the University in matching funds.  She is part of a group of 11 researchers from the University of Ottawa who will share a total of $1.54 million as part of the Early Researcher Award program.  Among the other uOttawa projects funded by the program are a project examining northern transportation planning, and a project to develop low-cost high-efficiency cell designs for solar energy.

Congratulations to Prof. Bouclin!
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