Urgent Action Fund for Women's Human Rights

Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Urgent Action Fund for Women's Human Rights was established to provide rapid response grants (up to $5000) to women's human rights organizations when an unanticipated situation arises that requires immediate response in order to prevent the deterioration of women's human rights or to promote further advancement of women's rights. UAF supports women activists at critical junctures, when groups are able to use a small amount of funds to take advantage of unexpected opportunities and/or respond to threats. Please note, UAF is not able to provide funds for general operating or program support, development projects, or humanitarian aid.

There are two main categories of grants we support (or a mixture of both), security grants and advocacy grants. Security grants support women activists and their organizations when they are experiencing threats because of the work they are doing, i.e. the need for funds to evacuate, provide office security or unarmed guards. Advocacy grants support urgent activities in situations of unexpected 'openings' in policy and legislation, legally precedent cases, and public-awareness raising.

In the context of Canada, potential support may be given around the recent case of sexual assault allegations in Val d'Or, given that the women came out publicly, which is potentially precedent-setting. Support can also be given in the context of recent change in political leadership and thus an opportunity for women to put pressure on the current government to ensure that the national inquiry goes forward with substantial input from family members and leadership by the aboriginal women themselves. In addition, there might be an opportunity for advocacy around the Keystone Pipeline campaign. It is known that the campaign is women-led and currently there are efforts made by TransCanada to suspend the US Govt evaluation instead of full rejection. TransCanada hopes for a more favorable political climate when the US elections take place in 2016.

Please note that we do not require organizational registration.

More information can be found on our website http://urgentactionfund.org/apply-for-a-grant/criteriado-i-fit/.

Please contact Meerim Ilyas at meerim@urgentactionfund.org if you have further questions about our funding and what we support.
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