#Jordansprinciple action tomorrow

Monday, May 9, 2016

As you know, on January 26th, 2016, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal released a historic decision finding that the government of Canada was racially discriminating against 163 000 First Nations kids in its provision of child welfare services on reserves and in the Yukon. It also found that jurisdictional disputes between and within different levels of governments cause First Nations kids, like Jordan Anderson, to be denied or experience delays when seeking to access essential government services other Canadians take for granted and that this amounts to discrimination under the Canadian Human Rights Act. (You can read about Jordan's tragic story here) In its January 26 decision, the Tribunal ordered the government to cease discriminating against First Nations kids immediately. 

In a subsequent Doucet-Boudreau style order issued on April 26, 2016, the Tribunal reminded the government of Canada of its January 26 order and asked it to report back in two weeks - on May 10th - on what it has done to ensure that First Nations kids no longer experienced discrimination as a result of jurisdictional disputes. The Caring Society is organizing a campaign to mark this historic day. This Tuesday May 10, to commemorate Jordan's memory and support the implementation of Jordan's Principle, we ask you to Bear Witness by taking your favorite teddy bear to school or work. If you are on twitter or Facebook, please share your pictures of you and your bear using hashtag #Jordansprinciple If you aren't on social media, you can make a difference by telling your coworkers and colleagues about Jordan's Principle and sharing this email to help spread the word. 

Here is more information:  www.jordansprinciple.ca

Thanks in advance for your support! It means the world to us! 

In solidarity, 

Anne Levesque
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