We Are Egg Donors

Thursday, April 5, 2018

We Are Egg Donors Co-Founder Claire Burns to give raucous performance lecture, EGGDONORAMA, at Storefront Theatre’s Feminist Fuck It Festival
In Canada, the fertility industry currently presents egg donors with a veritable “eggdonorama” of experiences to “choose” from. With legalities around donation murky at best and the wide variance of standards of care from fertility clinic to clinic, it really can be a crapshoot whether or not an egg donor gets treated as a person, not a product.

Actor, playwright, Egg Donor and Advocate, Claire Burns, takes the stage with the insightful, castigating and loud mouthed performance lecture, Eggdonorama, at the Storefront Theatre’s Feminist Fuck It Festival Sunday April 15th at noon.

Claire Burns is a nationally renowned egg donor advocate. Her current work focuses on initiatives that prioritize the short and long term health of egg donors. Claire’s play Hatched (2012), inspired by her experience as an egg donor,  led to the co-founding of We Are Egg Donors (WAED) in 2013.

WAED provides an honest platform for egg donors around the world to connect, proving that there is no "one size fits all" story for all of us. Because there are zero long-term studies on the health effects of egg donation, we partner with researchers and nonprofits like Our Bodies, Ourselves to advocate for initiatives that value donor health. We Are Egg Donors has been featured in The Atlantic, the New York Times, Globe and Mail, VICE and Chatelaine.

Burns has been an invited speaker at the Canadian Institute of Health Research Donor Conception Conference (2013), Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society’s Annual Meeting (2015), Workshop on Proposed AHR Regulations (Ottawa 2016) and Health Canada’s Best Brains Exchange: Path Forward for the Assisted Human Reproduction Act (2018).

With the current absence of oversight and data collection within the fertility industry, standard of care within clinics can vary wildly and the long term effects of donation are still unknown. It’s time for Canadians to wake up to the fact that without data and research egg donation is human experimentation with no possibility of informed consent. 

      Eggdonorama: A performance lecture about egg donation in Canada
 April 15, 12pm Feminist Fuck It Festival, 360 Geary Avenue
Tickets available at www.eggdonorama.brownpapertickets.com
For more information, to schedule an interview, or to receive a press pass to this event please contact
Claire Burns at claireburns49@gmail.com

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